Trakošćan Castle - Tour Croatia’s most beautiful castle.

If there was going to be just one castle that you choose to visit in Croatia, it needs to be the Trakošćan Castle. Built on Lake Trakošćan during the 13th Century in Northern Croatia, it served as an observation fortress to monitor the road from Ptuj to Bednja Valley.

Trakošćan Castle - Tour Croatia’s most beautiful castle.

Today the Castle is owned by the Republic of Croatia and in 1953 was established as a Museum with collections on permanent display. Over the centuries the castle has had numerous owners and gone through renovations to become the impressive sight you can now see. There are many stories and lots of history hidden between these walls.

Walking through Trakošćan Castle you will admire the rooms decorated with 15th - 19th century pieces. The collection includes furniture, paintings, weapons, and more. There are a number of rooms and areas to be explored as you take a peek at the way of life as it was for Croatian nobility.

The park-forest grounds of Trakošćan Castle offers stunning scenery that is rich in a diverse range of flora and fauna. These grounds are a lush setting for the Castle and create a truly picturesque view. The overall appearance of the castle, combined with its stunning grounds are what makes this Croatia’s most beautiful castle.

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