Culinary Tour

Embark on a Culinary Tour of Croatia

If somebody asked me what is a typical dish in Croatia?, I could go on and on. The reason is that each region in Croatia has been influenced by tastes and traditions from neighbouring countries as well as the different nations that have ruled Croatian territory throughout history. A dish that is very much traditional in the coastal part of Croatia, might be completely unknown in the northern part and vice versa. In general, we dish them out as Dalmatian food, Istrian cuisine, Zagreb delights, as well as Slavonian delctables.

Zagreb food has many similarities with central European countries where meat dishes, cabbage and potatoes dominate. Tip: try sarma.

Dalmatian cuisine is based on olive oil, fish, steamed or boiled vegetables and seasonings like garlic, rosemary, parsley, oregano, sage, etc. All of it is washed down with a glass of world-class wine. Dalmatians say "the fish first swims in the sea, then in oil and afterwards in wine".

Major condiment in Slavonian cuisine is red paprika. Slavonians like it spicy. Their cuisine is based on pork meat, fresh water fish, and even escargot. Slavonians are well known for their hospitality which starts with a glass of rakija, a so called inner antiseptic. Don’t forget to try the Queen’s favourite wine from Ilok.

From the biggest Croatian peninsula comes Istrian cuisine, a blend of Mediterranean and Continental flavours. Well known for their seafood dishes but also stews and truffles. Allow yourself to explore the exquisite taste of Istrian olive oil, truffle cheese, and some prosciutto. Don’t forget to combine it with Medica or Malvazija, just as the Romans did.

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