3 unique things to see in Zagreb

Zagreb is full of history with unique things to see around many corners. Some of these you might not spot on your own or grasp the cultural and historical significance of.

Here are 3 unique things to see in Zagreb that we like to point out and share with our guests. To find out about many more Zagreb sites why not book your own private guided walking tour.

The World’s shortest funicular.

3 Unique things to see in Zagreb with Bespoke Croatia | Private guided walking tours

Did you know that Zagreb can boast about having the shortest funicular in the world? It might be short but with an inclination of 52% it is also one of the steepest. The funicular connects Ilica Street with Strossmayer Promenade via 66 meters of track. The funicular departs every 10 minutes and is open 6:30am - 10pm. A ride on the “Zapinjaca” is of course included in our walking tours of Zagreb.

The original Museum of Broken Relationships.

While on the subject of rides, this one is a bit more on the emotional rollercoaster side. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Zagreb is the Museum of Broken Relationships. The museum in Zagreb is the original permanent location founded by Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić in 2006 for their creative art project. The museum is home to many shared stories of love and loss, wearing its heart on its sleeve. We don’t enter the museum on our walking tours but on our way between important city landmarks we do walk past, and make sure to point it out as a recommended place to visit during your time in Zagreb.

The daily friendly cannon fire.

Placed on top of the Lotrščak tower the Grič cannon has fired daily at Noon for over 140 years. There have been quiet times for the cannon during this period, it was silent during World War 1 and through some of the 90’s. It also ceased firing during 2020 but restarted its daily reminder recently to the delight of locals and tourists alike. You can hear a retelling of the local lore and history attached to both the Grič cannon and Lotrščak tower during your walking tour of Zagreb.

Book A Private Walking Tour of Zagreb with Bespoke Croatia.

A private guided walking tour of Zagreb is one way to ensure you get to see many of the unique things on offer in this wonderful city. Karlo is a licensed local guide who loves sharing his wealth of knowledge with Zagreb’s visitors, ensuring they get the most out of their time in his home city. Be sure to get in touch when you’re planning your trip and we will happily help you explore.