Plitvice Lakes National Park

Croatia's diverse geography offers unique  landscape all throughout its surface. Starting with green plains of Slavonia, hills of Zagorje, untamed mountains of Lika, unparalleled Istria and seductive Mediterranean beaches of Dalmatia.

All these regions are undeniably rich with remarkable history where worldwide significant traces of prehistoric, ancient and medieval cultures can be found. All of it spiced with a bit of socialism of the 20th century. Dare to explore it.


  Pula, Roman Amphitheater 

These influences defined the development of Croatia in social, political, cultural and economic sense. Hence, people from these areas are hardened by it but are also most welcoming since tourism has been incorporated in our roots.

Many thanks to Austrian Hungarians who started to build their summer houses on the coast, Croatia has since the 19th century been a mecca for a relaxed vacation. Today Croatia is visited by variety of guests from all over the world for numerous reasons. 

Food is a part of our culture and as a fusion of many cuisines offers variety of dishes. Dining with Croatians is a unique experience. Our Slavic hospitality places our guest on the honorary position and the best food and drinks are served. You will definitely not go hungry in Croatia.


Island of Brac, Dalmatia

Croatians eat but Croatians also do a lot of sports. Naming all the sport successes that this little country has achieved would be boasting. Don’t get me wrong, it would just take a long time to do it. If you are an active person, Croatia is the right country for you. Numerous hiking and biking trails, beautiful lakes, rivers and crystal clear sea for kayaking, scuba diving and other water sports. Paragliding, balloon riding and skydiving will give you a bird perspective of the beautiful landscape of Croatia. For  guests who adore football and basketball, it is not unusual to join locals for a game on one of the numerous courts. Most of these activities end up by having a local beer or a refreshment.


Island of Hvar

 Craft breweries are a global trend that has not surpassed Croatia either. Even though we have fantastic beer, we are considered to be top wine producers in the world. So, for a wine lover missing out on the Croatian wine would be a sin. Wine making in these lands has a tradition of 2400 years, so we can say have that we have a bit of an experience.

Just imagine yourself sitting on the beach in one of the safest countries in the world and according to Alfred Hitchcock watching the most beautiful sunset while listening the unique sound of the sea organs. While doing that you are sipping some amazing Dalmatian wine, soaking homemade bread into world renowned Istrian olive oil and trying out some Pag cheese. Reminiscing about the past day when you visited one of the Croatia’s 10 UNESCO world heritage sites, maybe Nikola Tesla’s hometown, got acquainted with one of the fastest electric cars in the world, did some island hopping or cruising, walked the cobbled streets of historical Croatian towns, had a cooking experience with the locals, or simply walked through the lavender field. Sounds nice, so why not Croatia?