History & Culture

Experience historical Croatia from ancient to modern times

 If you are a history buff, Croatia is the right place for you. It is home to one the largest and most abundant collection of Neanderthal remains collected at a single locality in the world. If that is not enough, how about the Vučedol Neolitic culture that spurred from one of the oldest continuously inhabited towns in Europe.

 Let's not forget the sixth largest Roman amphitheater in the world or that territory of Croatia was a birthplace of at least 3 Roman emperors.

The early medieval period is characterized by a lot of turbulence and the arrival of the Croatians. Constantly defending their territory, Croatians gained a reputation of being fearsome warriors. We even got nicknamed „The Wall Of Christianity” for holding the line while numerous invaders tried to break into Europe.

Development of Croatia has been largely influenced by the Austrians, Hungarians and Italians. It is visible in the cuisine, architecture as well in the dialect.

 We took also an important role during the Second World War. One of the first resistance movements has been founded in Croatia, led by Tito, the lifetime president of Yugoslavia.

90's of the previous century were marked by the grievous Homeland war and the fight for our independence.

Come and get to know these proud Croatians and embark on a historical and cultural tour.

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